• is an affirmation of life… of positivity and fun!
  • It is irreverent!
  • Work on papers! Tar paper! Shingles! Grass! Shoes! Oil!
  • No studio!
  • Done in small spaces of time between spaces
  • spontaneous acts that can later be assembled to a composition
  • raw and unpolished and whimsical
  • Scribbles


Sharon Bright
John Dennis
Chad Hopper
Amanda Jones
Eric Jordan

Kevin Pope
Stephanie Reid
Raphael Umscheid

mom is still a racist

One thought on “About

  1. Boredom makes you do wrong things. You can actually get so bored that you would do anything.
    shooting the bird at the people talking
    they use a fake sincerity
    they act like they care to try to make us care
    but they don’t care
    they are terrified
    just like us

    we had ate brownies and that wasn’t fun
    but we sure get to talk about it now

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